04 December 2008


first- i have been tagged. so i will do that first. 
1) Choose the 4th picture folder on my computer
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so this is a picture of the bookcases/ toy cases in our living room. we live in a very small apt, and have very little storage. i have been blessed to have a friend who is a woderful organizer and she has helped me. this was her idea.

today i was listening to one of my favorite songs- ok it is my current favorite song. it is called "today is the day" and it is by lincoln brewster. it starts off "i'm casting my cares aside, i'm leaving my past behind, i'm setting my heart and mind on you Jesus."

i have to say the words- i'm leaving my past behind hit me differently. i often think of that having something to do with our pasts, our regrets, the things that happened yday to weigh us down. but it hit me- my doubts that i had just this morning or even 5 minutes ago, or 5 seconds ago are also my past that i need to leave behind as i set my heart and mind on Jesus.

i've struggled so much again in trusting God.  i keep seeing the little things getting answered, but the big things- rent money, are still not being answered, that i can see. so i keep on trusting and keep on believing and well that is all i can do.