26 June 2012

When 8 kids becomes 5 for a week

So this week is a quiet week in my home. There are currently only 5 of my kids home. Now I know for many who may read this blog that will still seem like a lot of kids, but to me it is almost boring.

So where are my oldest 3 kids? Well one is at camp for the week. This is one of her favorite times of the year. She spends the week learning about God, swimming and just simply being with her friends. It is also a hard time for her as she is one of my shyer kids. She often has a hard time making new friends. And because of where her age falls in regards to the other kids in our church that go this camp she often misses out on rooming with them. This year however she was able to room with 2 at least 2 of her friends from church. She also has 2 camp friends that I hope she got to room with.

My other 2 are on a missions trip with Student life. They went with a group from church. One child is doing a backyard VBS and one is doing some sort of gardening. I will know more about what they have done when they get back.

So what am I up to? Normal life. :) Laundry, cooking, cleaning homework. The hardest part is dealing with the baby without my older ones. I don't realize how much having them around to hold the baby helps.

I am praying for them and if you think of it could you pray that God will work in their lives.

22 June 2012

Personal convictions....

A few years ago I realized that even as Christians we do not always agree on everything. Sure there are things that there are no this way or that. We are saved by grace through faith that is it. However, I have seen how God gives us different convictions based on what he wants us to do and how we can best reach those lost that are around us.

For years my husband and I have been convicted to allow God to plan the size of our family. This has allowed us to share many many times on how God continues to provide.

Our choice to homeschool as well has given us a chance to share our faith in God and what we believe.

I have a dear friend that has come to salvation and our family has played a part in her seeing God's love. I think if our family was different she may not have been as open.