07 November 2012

Saw the ob

Baby looks good. They did an ultrasound. You could see the little heart beating. They are fully expecting to let me go to term and have a normal delivery. If I end up pushing for a long time (which they don't expect) they will "help" with forceps. My last 3 kids were pushed out pretty quick (even my 8.7lber) that no one at this point expects it to be an issue.

01 November 2012

Birth control

Ok, so no one has asked me on my blog or facebook page outright. Though one young lady asked me honestly. Do my husband and I use birth control? Through the years of our marriage, the answer to this question has been different, today the answer is no. Yes, before my surgery was scheduled we were taking steps to prevent pregnancy. No, those steps were not perfect, and yes I ended up pregnant. We have long believed that it was God alone who opens and closes a womb.

I spent a short time after the birth of my second child on chemical birth control. I really did not know much about it. I did not realize how it worked and that while the first job was to keep from ovulation  When ovulation did occur the second job was to keep the newly fertilized egg from implanting. Now I know that "science" says that this new egg is not a baby. My faith says it is. Therefore this newly fertilized egg which has everything it needs to grow into a new baby is aborted. That was enough for me.

Now I have more objections to the pill and other chemical birth controls than just the abortion issue. There are side effects that come with these types of birth control. I had horrible headaches, that compounded headaches that I was already getting.

These types of birth control have been linked to breast cancer and other types of cancer. There are higher risks to having blood clots, strokes, heart attacks. (These are all mentioned in the commercials). Don't take my word for it, here is the side effect risks from the NuvaRing website. NuvaRing