15 June 2016

My crazy life.... getting back to Trim Healthy Mama..

So for about 6 months last year I was doing really good, staying in the Trim Healthy Mama plan. Losing weight, having more energy, then I started working a second job. I basically stopped cooking all together. My daughter took over cooking for the family. I stopped eating foods I loved... broccoli roasted in coconut oil.

About a week ago I decided I had enough. All the weight I worked hard to lose I have gained back. So here we go again. This time though I have also added a gym membership. I know for a lot of working moms, they have no idea how to add that to their lives. For me, I know I have to. I have a heart condition and I need to workout so that my whole life is improved.

But this is all going to take time to prepare. I know cause Monday  night I didn't prepare for Tuesday and I ended up eating a small bag of cookies for breakfast. So today I am only working one job, so I am taking time to prepare for a couple days. While I am the only one in the family actually on THM, I do have to make sure that I make more food then what I need. You see my 12 year old son loves to try new things and has very rarely not found something I am eating not to his liking.

Today's menu.....
Eggs with butter (S)
Chicken with hot sauce with broccoli and green  beans roasted in coconut oil (S)
Stir fry over brown rice (E)

I'm pretty sure I'll have a smoothie for a snack a little later.