22 September 2010

my pet peeve

OK, so maybe it really isn't a peeve. It is just one of those things I'm picky about. We all have them, little things that others won't think twice about, that drive us crazy.

I bet we actually have more than we will admit. Because they are little things, we hope no one will notice. I bet 98% of the time, no one does notice.

OK so what is mine, I bet you are just waiting? No, your not. I guess I should realize that many who will stumble across this blog won't care anyway, since they don' know me.

Alright here it is... I hate using anything but a washcloth to do the dishes. I don't like scrubby things unless I really need to scrub something. I don't like to use a sponge cause I can't seem to get into corners well. I like a washcloth.

Oh, and it can't be too thick either. Yup, I'm picky there as well. I like a thin cloth so I can feel like I know how much pressure I'm putting on the dishes.

17 September 2010

Ok... I admit

I have no concentration. I can not concentrate on anything. Right now I'm trying to do my math, but I have no idea what I'm doing so I can not for the life of me stay focused. I really should be much further along in this assignment, but I can't keep focused. What makes matters worse to me is that I love math. I really do. I just struggle with it.

07 September 2010

Fall is in the air

I have to admit I am loving this cool day. I love the cool 65 degree weather. There is a wonderful breeze in the air. I really would love to cuddle with a book and a blanket and just lay around.

School is starting back up here for my kids. I am thankful to be a homeschooling Mom. I love being able to watch their eyes light up as the get something or read something for the first time to me.

Today is going to be a kinda busy day. My oldest has his babysitting job today and the second oldest has her bible study tonight.

Starting next week is when all the activities start up for our family. Although the only daytime activity will be babysitting for now. I have chosen to give up a bible study that I have gone to so that I can keep up with the kids schooling and my own. I am really praying that God will lead me to another bible study though. I'm not sure if I want a day time one or an evening one.

06 September 2010

Some Blessings

I would like to share some of our blessings that we have been given this past year. I'm sure that I couldn't name them all.

There were always places and people for our kids to stay with as needs arose.
There as always been food to eat- even if it wasn't liked, it was there.
Gas, we always seem to have just enough gas.
School books- the kids have most of the school books they need
A laptop computer
Internet at the library
Baseball for my oldest. This would be a blog all it's own
My husband and 8 year old son got free tickets to watch the Cubs
My 15 year old got a free ticket to watch the Cubs and a hot dog, soda and something else.
Birthday gifts for the kids
A trip to camp for the older girls
Again baseball trip for the oldest kid
New friends

Hmm that seems to be what I can think of for now.

05 September 2010

Walking down the path of homelessness

Wow that is something that I never thought I'd actually live. Yet, here we are, while we have a place to stay we are homeless. We can't even get a library card cause we can't prove where we live. Our mail is being sent to a friends house since we have moved so many places in the last 6 months. Our family has lived in 6 different places.

Our kids have had to live with different friends throughout this time. It has been hard to see them bounce from place to place. Only the youngest 2 have always been with us during this. When I mean us- I am speaking of Dan and I.

It has been a joy though to see the how the love for each other has grown. It was funny to see them all get excited to see each other during the time they were apart. It was funny to hear my oldest 2 talk about texting each other while they were apart.

Now they are back together and they are having fun. The oldest (15) is out in the yard with his younger brothers (8 and 6) playing football. The two oldest (15 and almost 14) sit and talk. I have to say I love it.

I have no idea what they future is going to hold. Right now my husband still doesn't have a job. He has applied at so many places and hears nothing back. It is very discouraging.

My next blog will be about some of the wonderful blessing that we have experinced.

02 September 2010

Mommy brag

I know I have a lot to update on, but I wanted to share this blog that my daughter faith posted.Faith's Blog