12 May 2015

Since I'm no longer waiting on God

to work in my ex-husband's life, I'm going to no longer post any updates on my other blog and will just be posting here, about my life.

17 January 2015

My Trim Healthy Mama

I admit that I have had a hard time staying on plan. The biggest reason that I don't stay on plan is the same reason that I think many of us fail to lose weight, we don't put a plan in place and just kind of wing the day. Then when hunger or stress comes we easily grab the first thing in sight. I know that has been an issue for me today.

This week though I have set up a plan for the next week. The hard thing will come with my work schedule. I won't be able to eat snacks as I should, so that by after work I'll be more hungry. I have come up with a couple quick things that I can run into the back of the store and eat.

So you maybe wondering what my menu looks like this week. One thing you may notice is that I eat a lot of chicken. For years now I have struggled with eating beef. I love the taste of it, but my stomach can't handle much, so I end up eating chicken most of the time. One difference this week will be that I'll make Egg Roll in a Bowl and I use beef.

(Please come back, as I plan on linking recipes)

Yogurt with strawberries (E)
German Chocolate Cake Shake (S) I have not tried this yet.
Eggs and Bacon (S) yeah, I'm on a diet lol
Pumpkin Cream Cheese muffins (S) This is a staple for me when I have to start work early, I make them the night before and grab them as I go. I usually grab a couple for my co-workers, they like them too.

Eggs with ham (S)
Sandwich on sprouted grain bread (E) I use lunch meat and veggies. I got out of using mayo years ago, so this is pretty easy to stay on plan with.
Pizza on a Josephs flat bread. (S) I tired this just this past week, it was yummy.
Lettuce Wrap Sandwich (FP)
Chicken Popper soup (S) A favorite of mine. I'll make a big crock pot of it and have it for days.
Egg Roll in a bowl

You'll see a couple recipes repeated from my lunch menu. My plan is to make enough for myself for a dinner and have it for lunch for a day or two.
Chicken with brown rice and broccoli (E)
Chicken Popper Soup (S)
Bacon Wrapped cream cheese chicken (S) I'll make a veggie to go with this.
Cauliflower Mac and Cheese (S)

I'm still working on snack ideas for the week.
One thing I should mention is that 95% of this will be made just for me. I do cook separate for myself then for my kids. For my home I have found it is just easier this way to do it. I do have kids that will eat some of what I make. My 10 year old for example loves the Chicken Popper Soup, but he really doesn't eat tons of it so I have plenty. I have also found that by not having to share my "special" ingredients with my kids, it helps me save a little money. I don't buy enough almond flour for all my kids, just for me, so I don't need a huge bag of it. Even my sprouted grain bread I buy then freeze. Although today I make myself a piece of toast, turns out the baby (19 months old) likes it.