21 June 2013

3 teens

I am now officially the mom of 3 teens. I have thought of my 3rd child as one of my teens for sometime now, but she is now actually 13 and is one of my teens.

I really look forward to what the next few years hold for my daughter. I have enjoyed seeing her develop her own interests, like becoming a huge Dr. Who fan. Also watching grow in God is great.

16 June 2013

First Father's day....

as a single mom.....

My (ex)husband is here and I'm so ready for him to leave. But the kids are having fun and that makes it woth it.

To all of those who have been single moms (and those that have been single Dad's) longer than I have, my hat goes off to you. I knew it was a hard job, I never knew it was this hard.... and I never expected to have to live it.

07 June 2013

Izabelle is here...

On Monday 6/3 I gave birth to a 5lb 15oz baby girl. She is little, but healthy. The birth went well, although there were moments that could have gone bad, but my doctor stayed calm and I felt stayed on top of everything well and encouraged me well and we both came out of the delivery just fine.