21 November 2009

Fighting depression

I have learned some very hard lessons in my life when it comes to depression. These are my experiences.

Depression is self defeating.
Depression says I don't care how you feel about something, can't you see what it is doing to me.
Depression says I don't like this.
Depression says I can't see tomorrow so it must not exist.

Oh I have had plenty in my life to be depressed about.
I've lived through 3 divorces, open heart surgery, moves, a negative force in my life, loss of friends, loss of family relationships.

I've had my phone disconnected more times that I can count, had my electricity shut off, right now I'm facing eviction for our family of 9.

But I have been blessed....
I have a God who walks through the fire of testing with me.
I have a savior that knows what it feels like to be abandoned.
I have a husband who loves me.
My children are healthy and active.
I've been blessed to give birth in my own home.

I still fight depression. I have learned that the easiest way to let depression control me is sit and do nothing.

When you feel depression coming on... get up and do what needs to be done.

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