21 March 2009

What is true and real

A few years ago I received the book Loving God with all your Mind by Elizabeth George from my dear friend Tonia. this book has changed my life.
For years I've fought depression. (I still have my moments) but the words - whatever is true... think about such things Philippians 4:8 have brought me out of depression many many times. So much of what I allow myself to get depressed about are things that I have no control over, are things that yes, could, happen but are not happening. I'm slowly learning to think only on what is true, real and happening now.
Another area in which I get tripped up is on the stupid things I have said or done in the past. Thinking on those things change nothing. I can't go back and change it.
Lois is now 5 months old (ok well tomorrow the 18th), while I have had moments of depression and moments of being overwhelmed, the depression has not been like it is has been in the past. I've been able to get out quick, sometimes after a nap.
Well that is my lesson on depression for today.

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