20 March 2009

Mothering the detail orientated child

Ok, so my oldest child 13 going on 35, I mean 14 is a very detail orientated child. I've known this since he was little I admit. It was evident the day when he was 5 and was watching the Cubs game and had to walk out of the room for a couple minutes. Upon returning he asked what had happened. I replied oh so and so was up, and now there are 3 outs.
"Well, did he pop up? fly out? strike out? How did he get out?"
"Um, well," While I had watched I wasn't paying that much attention. I was not ready to give a play by play. I am not detail orientated. I prefer more general talk.

To me, don't hit your brother includes, not is not limited to, hitting, kicking, pinching, pushing, "taping", nudging, and general annoying of said brother. This does not mean that now other brothers are open season.

DO child needs it spelled out. If I say don't hit your brother he than push brother. When called on it, response is, "I didn't hit him, I pushed him." Ugh!

However this does make him a wonderful babysitter. He take great care of his younger siblings.

I'm not sure how we'll get through the next 4 years, but I know that God will guide me.

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Anita Ann said...

I found your blog through Jessica's, I have a child like this. Sometimes it just too much and I have to laugh.