29 March 2012

TOF- a current update

I know I have not fully finished my story of my life with Tetralogy of Fallot up until now, but since I have things going on, I thought I would take the time to share them.

It had been several years since I had seen a cardiologist, and in September of 2011 I decided I should go. I found a new Dr then I had last seen a little closer to my home. I am very thankful that I found one that I really like. He went through my whole history and made sure I fully understood my heart condition and what the risks now and in the future are for me.

In November I underwent a whole bunch of tests- blood work, stress test, echo, mri and a lung function test. Oh yeah and x-rays. When all was said and done- my cholesterol was sightly higher then they would have liked, my heart its self was in good condition, but there was a narrowing in my right pulmonary artery causing my right lung to not get very much blood from my heart. The percentages of blood flow to my lungs is 82% to the left and 18% to the right. It was determined that it would be best to do a cardiac cath.

On March 13th I went in for my cath with the expectation of stents being placed and older stents that I had being opened. I was very disappointed to wake up from the procedure to find that they had not been able to open the area up. They were able to confirm that my heart is doing well.

It has been decided that they will have to do surgery and another cath to open that area up. Part of the narrowed area is inside my lungs and they can not reach that area through surgery, thus the second cath will be needed to open that area up once again.

I will be seeing my cardiologist mid April and will start the process of scheduling the meeting with the surgeon and then the actual scheduling of the surgery. My prayer is that I will be able to wait until early August as from May to the end of July I am running with my oldest son to baseball.

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