19 May 2009


My husband Dan loves garage sales. They draw him in like a magnet. I can't complain cause we have gotten some nice things from them. The computer desk I'm sitting at is one of those things. We had been wanting a computer desk with a pull out drawer for the keyboard for some time. Dan found this one at a garage sale for $20.

When my little Lois was born last year, the only cloths I had for her were ones he had bought recently at garage sales. I was very thankful. I had gotten rid of all my baby girl cloths, as my youngest daughter at that point was 8. We just don't have the storage space.

This past weekend on the way home from Shane's double header, there were several garage sales. At one of those sales he picked up a Canon Power shot A400, for $10. While it is an older camera than the digital one I have now, the pictures are great! I was able to download the driver for it online, and ta-da- a new digital camera.

As I went looking for the driver for it, I happened across places that were selling the same camera for $49.99- $134.
Oh and I got a new pair of jeans for 50 cents. :)


Anonymous said...

i am looking for a camera! you bet , when that 350 mile yard sale comes to my town- yes you read right!- that i will be on the lookout!!

Anonymous said...

There's always a yard sale happening during the weekend that I wish I could just jump out of the car to go check out. LOL