15 May 2009

a mom of many....

I have to admit most days I love being a mom of many. I loves the smiles, giggles, the noise. The "I love you Mom," is the best.

There are days, mostly when I've not gotten enough sleep, that it gets overwhelming. Some of those days, I'm not so great a mom. I sit and don't do much. However, I often realize what is going on and I take a nap and find I'm much better.

This morning, I spent time hugging and tickling an almost 5 year old and a 3 year old. Those are the moments I live for.

I also love trying to wrestle with the boy who is almost 14. The idea is to get him knocked onto the couch. This is a task I'm more often these days finding myself on the losing end of. Yes, I admit, he is stronger than me. Maybe I should spend more time working out and less time sitting.

My older daughter, 12 going on 30. Yet there are so many moment you see her true heart. She does a wonderful job with her little brothers and baby sister, melts my heart.

The middle daughter. Fighting to find what she really enjoys. Still into Barbies, but wanting to hang out with big sister, who is just a little too much older to want to play the same things. Though still everyday they spend hours upon hours with each other. :)

The 7 year old boy. He's "idol"- Daddy. From what he wears, to his hair. Honestly I'm surprised he doesn't want his ear pierced like Daddy.

Last is baby girl. 7 months old, ready to go. Loves Mommy, Daddy and Biggest brother- in that order.

Yeah, there are days when 7 kids seem like so many. The personality's clash, but most days they play and interact so well. I'm really blessed to be their mom.

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Elizabeth said...

Hi there. I am also a homeschool mom of 7, and I know how overwhelming it can be, but how wonderful too! Appreciate your post!:-)