26 May 2009

Old Testament Law

I'm seeking more information on the use of Old Testament law in a Christian's life. I seem to be seeing a lot of people using verses from the law to apply to a Christian's life. I'm rather confused at to the purpose.

What I mean is it as an act of faith? Salvation? Good works? I am asking cause I really do want to understand.


Godsgirlnga said...

The law is the first 5 books of the OT, we are not under law but grace through Jesus Christ death on the cross. What I do think they are talking about is like the 10 commandments, all the commands that God has spoken to us in the OT like in Deut 28 about the blessings and curses. Like right now I am reading a book by Perry Stone- Breaking the Jewish Code ( Walmart) and the Jews go by the OT Torah 5 Books of the Law and that is why many Jews are so blessed. I am half Jew and I have been to a lott of Synangogues and understand the importance of the law- the NT is a shadow of the OT...the best thing to do is ask the HOLY SPIRIT to show you in his word what he wants you to know about this...Remember we are saved by grace....

Godsgirlnga said...

I read your Testimony at your other blog- Girl you are a miracle- sorry about my 2nd posting, Our God is AWESOME!!!

ballaschwe3 said...

Hey Kate,
You ask a very good question. What is the role of the Law in the Christian's life? I would encourage you to visit www.reallifeinchrist.com the teaching of Andrew Farley will open your eyes to the fact that we are not under law but rather under grace. I actually was just doing a study on the Law myself using crosswalk.com.

Here are some verses I found that helped me in understanding the role of the Law (NASB):

Romans 5:20,21; 6:14,15; 7:1-9,12; 8:2-4; 10:4.

In the whole book of Galatians Paul addresses this issue directly.

Also Hebrews 7:19; 10:1.

In my understanding the Law is perfect but it made nothing perfect. The Law came so that sin would increase. It's role in an unbeliever's life is to show that they cannot measure up, they need a Savior. Jesus fulfilled the Law. God's laws are now written on a believer's heart; Love the Lord your God and Love your neighbor as yourself. We now have Jesus living in us and are united with him. Putting ourselves under Law is committing spiritual adultery on Him.

I think Paul sums it up when he says we have died to the Law!

Hope that helps Kate!

Love Ya Sister!

Anonymous said...

I think the deal about old testament law is if its repeated in the New Testament in any form. I.E. 9 of the 10 commandments are repeated by Christ...some with modifications or explanations. So those we need to keep. By the way the one that isn't is Remember the Sabbath. But some of the more esoterical ones...you can take with a grain of salt.

Erin said...

Ok, so here is my two cents on the issue. How we live our life is the outward manifestation and evidence of our faith. Therefore it should not be crumpled up and thrown to the wayside and neither should the Old Testament with all its laws and guidelines. A key part of our faith in Jesus Christ is repentance, an acknowledgment that our sin has made us dead and while we cannot make up for it with good works and are only saved by Christ's death on the cross, we are also not to give in to it. So therfore, we as christians often seek to know, what is right, what is wrong? Should I follow all the commandments to the letter? or are some of them now irrelevent? First and foremost, I think the Old Testament is a window to understanding our God. It helps us to know who He is and who we are, as do the commandments and the law. When we read the laws that the Lord gave the people, we see God's wisdom and what He expects and desires for His children. When he was on earth, Jesus sums up all the commandments into two, to paraphrase: Love God, Love your neighbor. I think when we question whether a certain commandment is relevent today, we can sometimes hold it up to this standard; In doing such and such, am I loving God, am I loving all others? Interpretation of the law is where christians often find difficulty and disagreement. Some things are wrong in certain situations, and perhaps the right thing to do in others, but some things are wrong in all situations. How do we know which is which? I think this is why God gives us the witness of the church, the Holy Scriptures in its entirety, the Holy Spirit, the fellowship of other christians, and our very concience. As far as quoting the Old Testament, we all believe it as much God's Word as the the New, so I say quote away, just be careful to understand the context and intent of what what you are quoting (and that also goes for the New Testament). Ok, so that's my two cents. Take it or leave it. God bless!