09 September 2013

Because she's D... :)

This is my son's words when he talks about his girlfriend. He sees her and believes in her value as a wonderful woman simply because she is. I can't tell you how many times I've heard how great she is, (and well yeah she is a wonderful young lady) and his reason that she is great is simply cause "she's D" (going to just use an initial here.)

My son has never been interested in dating, it wasn't his thing. He always had friends who were girls, but baseball was his main love. His high school years were focused on that, God and being a great big brother.

He has know the young lady for about 5 years. They have hung out with the same group of friends, gone on missions trips and played hours of volleyball hanging around with others. Yet it was, I believe in God's perfect time that my son's eyes were open to this young lady as someone he wanted to get to know better.

We are not a courtship family, but neither are we a date a bunch of people family either. I have encouraged my kids not to look for the "right one" but to seek God and ask him to make them the right person for the one God will bring them. 5 years ago my son was a man after God's heart, but his faith had to be tested to mold him to who he is today.

I am also thankful that the young lady's family knows my son, and likes him. Her mom is one of my dearest friends. I am thankful they see the heart of my young man and trust him with their daughter.

Their relationship is young, and it will take time. For now I will enjoy his little "because she's D!" comments.

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