20 September 2013

Too quiet...

Hello... I am a mom of 9 and I have had more then enough me time in the last 24 hours to drive me insane. It is way too quiet in my house.

As a mom there are moments I just so wish to have some time to myself. I want everyone just to sleep and give me some quiet. But I have now had quiet for a whole week and I feel still so off. I know that in the long run having this quiet so I can rest and my body can heal is the best thing for me, but I miss my little ones way too much. I want them all home with me.

So what have I been doing with my time.... laying down. Small amounts of house work her and there, homework, and spending time talking with my sister whom I haven't seen in several years. She came in to help me while I was in the hospital and now here after.

I am working on putting things in place so that my kids can come home in a just a couple more days. I so miss hugging them and loving on them.

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