06 September 2010

Some Blessings

I would like to share some of our blessings that we have been given this past year. I'm sure that I couldn't name them all.

There were always places and people for our kids to stay with as needs arose.
There as always been food to eat- even if it wasn't liked, it was there.
Gas, we always seem to have just enough gas.
School books- the kids have most of the school books they need
A laptop computer
Internet at the library
Baseball for my oldest. This would be a blog all it's own
My husband and 8 year old son got free tickets to watch the Cubs
My 15 year old got a free ticket to watch the Cubs and a hot dog, soda and something else.
Birthday gifts for the kids
A trip to camp for the older girls
Again baseball trip for the oldest kid
New friends

Hmm that seems to be what I can think of for now.

1 comment:

Archie & Jessica said...

God is so good! I think I'll copy you and post a list of blessings on my blog ;)