07 September 2010

Fall is in the air

I have to admit I am loving this cool day. I love the cool 65 degree weather. There is a wonderful breeze in the air. I really would love to cuddle with a book and a blanket and just lay around.

School is starting back up here for my kids. I am thankful to be a homeschooling Mom. I love being able to watch their eyes light up as the get something or read something for the first time to me.

Today is going to be a kinda busy day. My oldest has his babysitting job today and the second oldest has her bible study tonight.

Starting next week is when all the activities start up for our family. Although the only daytime activity will be babysitting for now. I have chosen to give up a bible study that I have gone to so that I can keep up with the kids schooling and my own. I am really praying that God will lead me to another bible study though. I'm not sure if I want a day time one or an evening one.

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Kathy said...


Are you taking an online course? (in math?) Your blog post refers to your "schooling." (as well as that of your children)
... just wondering.
I hope to read some earlier posts, but it looks like your earlier post were in Jan. of 2010.

The Lord bless you in all your ways, Kayte!
Kathy A.