22 September 2010

my pet peeve

OK, so maybe it really isn't a peeve. It is just one of those things I'm picky about. We all have them, little things that others won't think twice about, that drive us crazy.

I bet we actually have more than we will admit. Because they are little things, we hope no one will notice. I bet 98% of the time, no one does notice.

OK so what is mine, I bet you are just waiting? No, your not. I guess I should realize that many who will stumble across this blog won't care anyway, since they don' know me.

Alright here it is... I hate using anything but a washcloth to do the dishes. I don't like scrubby things unless I really need to scrub something. I don't like to use a sponge cause I can't seem to get into corners well. I like a washcloth.

Oh, and it can't be too thick either. Yup, I'm picky there as well. I like a thin cloth so I can feel like I know how much pressure I'm putting on the dishes.


Regina said...

LOL Whew! So glad it wasn't anything major. ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree. A a nice, thin washcloth is the way to go. For me, it has to have a rough texture as well.