17 July 2012

This day..

I like so many others love music. The right song can pick me up and get my heart focused in the right direction so quickly. Like so many of you we are going though a hot spell here in the midwest. Our apartment is rather warm and I hate to admit that I do not handle the heat well. I get crabby and lazy. Today was one of those days that I was headed in that direction. 

Then I spent sometime in the sprinkler with several of my children. That helped a lot. While I was not wanting to get wet at first, I ended up in a water war with my 10 year old son and ended up soaked. That was fun and cooling. I was very thankful for that. 

Came inside and started to do the dishes. I had an mp3 player on my cell phone, so I was listening to some songs and then one of my favorite came on. It is an older one by Steven Curtis Chapman called This Day. I love the lyrics to this song, especially this part..

"Who knows what tomorrow’s light will bring
Tears to cry or maybe songs to sing out loud
But only God can see that far away
And He made us for living day by day
‘Cause He wants us to see
That the God that He’s been every day of history
Is who He is this day"

Remember this day is a new day, this moment is a new moment. The stress from a moment ago can be in the past. if you just release it to God.

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