25 July 2012

Yes, I have teens..... and I love it!

My oldest 2 are teenagers and my 3rd child is just about there as she is 12. I will proclaim loudly, I love my teens and I like pretty much most of their friends.

The other day I was talking with F, my 15 (almost 16) year old and 2 of her friends. We sat around the kitchen table, ok well we all sat, or stood in the kitchen and talked. We talked about everything God, school, church and yes... boys.

I often wonder what I did to be so blessed as to be able to sit and talk with my teens the way I do. We have had open talks and I have chosen to talk to the kids about just about anything from a young age, even if I didn't think that they were ready for it, though still trying to protect them from too much information. I have also made time to play with them the things that they enjoy.

I know that being open and honest with our kids is not a promise to a good relationship with them, but I do believe that it has helped.

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