21 August 2012

college for me

As each semester comes I find that I am struggling more and more with my work. Right now I am taking 3 classes, all 3 I have failed already once and am close to failing one of them a second time. This has me upset, cause I really really wanted to do better.

I am thankful though that a wonderful young lady from my church came over and spent several hours helping me with my homework. She would have stayed even longer, but it was so late and I wanted to make sure she got home safe. She is planning on coming back and helping.

I have a lot of wonderful young people in my life. I have a young friend that is currently sitting across the table from me working on her own homework. It is kinda nice to have a study buddy. Maybe I will get more work done this way.


Mr. G's Mrs. G said...

I'm so glad you have some help with your own studies, Kayte!

I wanted to thank you for your thoughtful post. I was in the middle of doing too many things at one time and clicked delete instead of post and now it's gone. :( Thank you, though.

Anonymous said...

you are a great example of a titus 2 woman :)