18 August 2012

Sharing parts of my past with the teens in my life

Like most families I think there are parts of our past that we have shared with our kids and parts we never have.

One thing that had never really ever come up was about my dating in high school. The other day we had a friend over (she is friends with several of my kids) and I was talking with them, which is something we do often. They all were surprised to find out that I had had several boyfriends in high school. It became a big giggle fest, but in it I was able to share what I had learned and why I have encouraged my girls the way that I have. I think they understood a little why my point of view is what it was.

Unlike these teens in my life now, I was not choosing to live for God. I had come to know Christ as my savior at a young age, but due to pain that I had experienced I had tried to walk away from God. I was living kinda as the world says a teen should live.

I didn't do drugs, I did get drunk once. I had a job that I worked at 5 days a week. I didn't like school, but I wasn't a trouble maker either. We talked about that too.

It was great being able to share this with them and encourage them to continue to look to God.

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