26 January 2013

Half way there

So I am now over the half way point in this pregnancy. Things seem to be going well. The baby is growing as the doctors would like, the 18 week ultrasound looked good. As far as the obgyns go their only concern is my lack of weight gain, or more my continued weight loss. Mostly the concern is that my body gets what it needs, since the baby is growing and moving that helps.

As far as my heart goes, it looks great. There has been no real change in my echos and my doctor does not expect anything different to be there at the end of March when I am due to see him again.

I have been having a very hard time coming up with names for the baby. I really have no idea what I would like to name the baby. I only have 1 real rule for naming the baby, the name can not start with the same letter as one of the other children.  


Megan Kaiser said...

Aww that is great! So glad your appt. went well. :D I must say I snickered at your rule, not because of it... but it made me think of the Duggars with all the "J's". heehee I made a similar choice, I think my limit would be 2 kiddos with the same letter start...or if I wanted another same letter name - put it as their middle name and call them by that. :D heehee.

Kayte O said...

My main reason for the rule is for my calendar. When I have several kids in say baseball and I want to put it in on the calendar it is easier just to write their first initial on the calendar then the event.