04 January 2013

Peace in my heart

I can not begin to explain the peace that is in my heart right now. Life keeps throwing things at me that I was not expecting, both good and bad, and yet the peace that is in my heart has been such a blessing.

One of the great things is how quickly my oldest's calling to a college seemed to happen. My son had his eye on 2 of the colleges that he had visited. Out of the blue a coach of a school I had not even thought of and he had not really heard of called him and wanted to talk. It seems that this coach had called my son's coach and told him he was looking for a catcher for the next year, my son's position and he will be in college next year. Coach came out to see my son at practice and said yep, he wanted my son to come play for him. S (my son) went to the college, which is an hour train ride from home, he liked the school, but really felt like the coach was someone that he could play for. Now I have to get transcripts ready, filled out finical aid forms, and get him signed up for the ACT, yep he hasn't taken it. I am bad. But he is signed up. :) 

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