30 January 2013

Two Books that have really helped me

Aside from the bible there are two books that have really helped me overcome issues that I had.

The first one is called Every Women's Battle by Shannon Ethridge. It is a book about the dangers of fantasies and comparing our husbands to others, to even the dangers of porn. These issues, well aside from the pron, are so much more hidden from the world as they occur in our own minds. We are often the only ones that know that we have this issue. I know for me fantasy started in high school, and this doesn't even have to be s*xual to be wrong and hurt ourselves.

While reading this book was very convicting, it was also very freeing. It allowed me to see that yes, I was choosing sin, but I was not alone. Other women also had the same problem and had over come it.

The other book is called Loving God with all your Mind by Elizabeth George. This book helped me to refocus my mind so as to not fall into depression. While we all have moments of depression, when I was a teen I was very depressed. I didn't know how to change my thinking and like so many I put myself down often. Learning how to focus first on what is real and true, even in a bad situation has helped me to keep from falling into that pit during several very hard times in my life. One of them I am going through right now. I have learned to keep my focus on God and to get myself up and doing what I need to do each day.

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